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New Teacher Orientation

In early August of each year, the Regional Office of Education sponsors a New Teacher Orientation Seminar for persons new to teaching or new to La Salle County. This past year the event was held at the LEASE building. Presentations include information from LEASE personnel, support organizations, the La Salle County Health Department and the La Salle County School Health Services, as well as the Regional Office of Education. Information is provided regarding recertification and renewal laws, ISBE compliance issues, regulatory issues, and school improvement. Informational handouts and gift certificates donated by local merchants are given to all attendees. Approximately 75 teachers attend this event each year.

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ROE 35 Institute Day

For approximately 25 years, the La Salle County Institute has provided professional development opportunities. While it has evolved over the years, the crux of the program is to provide teachers with opportunities to network and grow as professionals. The location of the institute is typically rotated each year allowing for a venue that can accommodate the significant numbers of participating educators.

Institute Day Materials - Current Year

PDF Flyer | PDF High School Booklet | PDF Grade School Booklet | Interactive Institute Form


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La Salle County Spelling Bee

The annual La Salle County Spelling Bee is sponsored by the Regional Office of Education in conjunction with the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. Spelling bee word study lists are provided by the Peoria Journal Star and distributed to each participating school. Each school holds its own spelling bee, with the winner or an alternate participating in the La Salle County Spelling Bee. The first place winner's name is inscribed on the Stretch Miller Memorial Spelling Bee Traveling Plaque, which is displayed at the winner's school for a year until the next La Salle County Spelling Bee. Prizes provided by the Kiwanis Club and William Ieuter Trust, World Book Encyclopedia, and The Class Room Store are awarded to first, second and third place winners. A trophy and winner's certificate is awarded to each participant. The winner of the La Salle County Spelling Bee proceeds to the Journal Star Central Illinois Grand Final Spelling Bee in March, and the winner of that competition proceeds to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. La Salle County has had several students compete at the national level. The La Salle County Spelling Bee is open to sixth, seventh and eighth grade students in all public and parochial schools in La Salle County.


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Excellence in Education Awards Banquet

Each May, the Regional Office of Education sponsors the Excellence in Education Awards Banquet. School faculty, staff and board members are presented awards in five categories: Educator's, Support Staff, Retiring Educators, Retiring Support Staff, and Board Service. Award recipients are selected according to locally developed criteria. Each year roughly 175 awards are presented.


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La Salle County Educator of the Year

In conjunction with the Excellence in Education banquet, each year beginning in 1998, the Regional Office of Education has recognized one individual as the La Salle County Educator of the Year. The local nominating committees are required to submit on behalf of the nominee a brief biographical sketch, a list of contributions made to area schools and the local community, professional contributions to education, and statements from fellow teachers, administrators, students, or citizens of their community. A committee from the La Salle County Retired Teachers' Association selects the Teacher of the Year.


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Student Excellence Award

Each month from September through May, the Regional Office of Education, in cooperation with the County Board, recognizes students from two schools chosen on a rotating basis, with the Student Excellence Award. Students are selected by the schools based on the following criteria: the selected student must have demonstrated and/or contributed community service in their respective school district; the selected student should portray an image of social and civic responsibility within their school community; and the selected student should possess an attitude conducive for a good work ethic and representative of an image the school district finds commendable. The student, parents, and administrators from the school are invited to the monthly county board meeting, where the student is presented with a plaque, and information about that student is read to all in attendance at the County Board meeting.


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ROE 35 Courtesy Service

The LaSalle County Office of Education, as a courtesy to school districts, administrators and educational service agencies which operate outside the confines of the Region 35 service area, offer a section of this website for postings that deal with issues other than job offerings. Click here to visit our Courtesy Service webpage.

For those jobs relating to education in areas outside Regions 35 and 43, the visitor is encouraged to examine any such jobs posted on appropriate "Job Types" pages which can be accessed from here or from the appropriate section of the table of contents on the homepage.

For more information, please contact Christina Dougherty,
Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools,
at (815) 434-0780.


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Title II - La Salle County Co-op

The Regional Superintendent's Office developed a project through Title II grants totaling $9,800 to provide a regional program to the schools in the areas of mathematics, reading, writing and computers. These programs are to strengthen the skills of teachers in the above areas. The Regional Office has provided inservice opportunities for the teaching staffs of La Salle County throughout the school year. Regional Office consultant staff is available to school districts on an "as needed" basis.


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Video Streaming Cooperative

United Streaming, by Discovery Education, is a digital video-on-demand and online teaching service to help improve students' retention and test scores; it is aligned to U.S. state and provincial standards. The Regional Office of Education works to provide group pricing and provides training for participating public and parochial schools/districts. This program replaced the video cooperative.


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ACT and SAT Prep Program

The Regional Office of Education supports the ACT and SAT preparation program Educational Testing Methods, Inc.

Educational Testing Methods, Inc. originated in Springfield, Illinois in 1979, and is being offered to thousands of students across the country. It is a proven program that garners impressive results nationally for its students. ETM has been a leader in test preparation, always one of the first companies to have current materials and information.

What the ETM program can do for students:

  • Increase test scores.
  • Enhance study skills
  • Familiarize them with the content and format of both the SAT and ACT.
  • Gives them 27 hours of classroom instruction, and many practice tests and exercises to do outside of class.
  • Gives them a complete academic review for every concept that is tested.
  • Provides them with test-taking strategies and guessing techniques.
  • Increase their test-taking confidence.
  • Gives them a competitive edge for college admissions.
  • Increases their chance for academic scholarships.
  • Relieves their test anxiety.


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Joseph J. Hohner Scholarship

  • Applicant must be a resident of LaSalle County.
  • The Award is based on merit and need.
  • It is given to nonpublic elementary and secondary students as well as college and postgraduate.
  • Deadline: Mid-April
  • Check back in the future for current particulars.

For information on this and other scholarships available,
contact Mary Wheeler at (815) 434-0780.
A Scholarship and Financial Aid Guide is available.


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Scholarship to Attend RSAC

The La Salle County ROE awards scholarships to schools for teams to attend the Raising Student Achievement Conference (RSAC). Scholarship winners are required to align the conference offerings with their local school improvement plan and disseminate the information and research gleaned from the conference with colleagues.


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Scholarship and Financial Guide

The Regional Office of Education prepares a Scholarship and Financial Aid Guide for use by students and parents who are preparing to attend institutions where tuition will be charged. Included is information on scholarships available through the Regional Office of Education and the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Information is gathered from the La Salle County high schools on what scholarships and grants are available through the schools. The booklet includes information on county and state scholarships, as well as Illinois Valley Community College and any other scholarships or grants of which the Regional Office is made aware. Some information on Internet Based Scholarship Indexing Service is also included, as well as a Financial Aid Checklist.


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Truancy Alternative Program

The Attendance Awareness Program serves the counties that lie in two Regional Offices of Education. These offices encompass LaSalle County ROE and Marshall/Putnam/Woodford ROE.

The program provides intervention and prevention to enable at-risk students to increase their attendance and academic achievement with a long term goal of graduation.

Services provided include coordination with families and schools, educational assessment and student/family counseling culminating in the development of an IOEP. The IOEP includes tutoring and/or mentoring, referral to school sponsored programs and social service/community agencies.

The philosophy of the program is that early intervention, early in the child's school career and early in the problem, is the most successful intervention.

Download PDF Copy: Instructions for Completing La Salle County Truancy Referral Form
Created and Posted 17 AUG 2012

Download PDF Copy: La Salle County Truancy Referral Form
Revised and Posted 31 AUG 2012

For more information contact Martha Small or Marie Guillo, Truant Officers, at (815) 434-0780.


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Safe Schools Program

The Regional Safe Schools Program is an alternative school program for disruptive youth. Goals of the program are:

  • To help students acquire the education and skills necessary to secure good jobs and become productive members of society.
  • To prepare students for successful transition back to the regular school environment.

Students who are in grades six through twelve who are expelled or have been suspended may be eligible to participate in the program.

For more information contact Paula Corbin, Program Coordinator, at (815) 220-3560.

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Regional Work Studies Program

The Regional Work Study Program (RWS), sponsored by the LaSalle County Regional Office of Education and the Business Employment Skills Team, Inc. (B.E.S.T.) and in union with families and community-based resources, will serve to support returning students secure an authentic high school diploma.

Regional Work Study will employ a wraparound approach to addressing the needs of returning students in three (3) major life domains: academic, employment, and social/emotional learning.

For more complete and detailed information regarding this service and requirements to be met by prospective participants, download this program brochure. DOWNLOAD PDF BROCHURE

If you have questions and/or concerns please contact Steve Malinsky, Regional Work Study Program Coordinator, at 815-252-9302.

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School Crisis Assistance Team

The purpose of SCAT is to provide support and consultation to LaSalle and Putnam County schools, at the request of school personnel, in times of significant crisis impacting children and adolescents. SCAT will provide on-site assistance to the school’s crisis teams and help implement the school’s crisis plans. The intention of SCAT is to support the students and staff and to enable schools to resume regular activities in a timely fashion following a school/community crisis. SCAT will also provide consultation, printed resources, and referral information to schools, at their request in times of crisis.

For more complete and detailed information regarding this service and requirements to be met by prospective participants, download this program's brochure. DOWNLOAD PDF BROCHURE

If you have questions and/or concerns, please request SCAT assistance by contacting one of the following individuals:

Martha Small at 815-434-0780
Cindy Hall at 815-433-6433
Tammy Guerrero at 815-539-7446
Julie Miller at 815-223-7723

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Homeless Grant

Children experiencing homelessness face great challenges. High mobility, precarious living conditions, and poverty combine to present significant educational, health and emotional difficulties. Homeless children are truly among our nation's neediest and most at risk. The Illinois State Board of Education considers the school enrollment, attendance and success of homeless children and youth throughout Illinois as a high priority. The Regional Office of Education administers a sub-grant in order to provide school districts within La Salle County with funds to meet the educational needs of homeless students.

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G.E.D. Test Program (Information revised 08 OCT 2010)

The Regional Office is the authorized administrative office for the General Educational Development examinations commonly known as the GED® Tests. Testers must be at least 17 years of age, officially withdrawn from high school (only for those 17 yrs. of age and younger) and a resident of Illinois for at least 30 days, or 16 years of age and have successfully completed an Alternative Education Program or be enrolled in a Youth Education Program such as the IL National Guard.  Court orders are considered by ICCB on a case-by case basis. Testing and preparation is available for those who qualify at Illinois Valley Community College in coordination with the IVCC Assessment Center, (815) 224-0542 and the IVCC Adult Education Program, (815-224-0358) Certificates are also issued to inmates at the Sheridan Correctional Center who have taken and passed the test. The Regional Superintendent is presently a member of the statewide committee which is responsible for studying and developing new guidelines for this program. The fee for the GED testing service is currently $50.

There is a $3.00 fee for a copy of a transcript and a $10.00 fee for a copy of a certificate. In either case, cash or money order are acceptable. NO PERSONAL CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED. Individuals who have successfully written this examination and who have secured their High School Equivalency Certificate may request that a transcript be sent to a third party by completing a transcript request form. The form, plus a request to change name form, is available on this website:



For more information contact
at (815) 434-0780.


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School Food Cooperative Purchasing Program

The La Salle County Area Purchasing cooperative was created during the 1989-90 school year. Eighteen school districts originally joined the cooperative, which bids and orders food and supplies for district operated school cafeterias. Today approximately 68 school districts representing La Salle, Bureau, Cook, Grundy, Iroquois, Kankakee, Lee, Livingston, Marshall, Ogle, Putnam, Warren, Woodford and Vermillion counties are members of the co-op. Current total annual expenditures for the cooperative are estimated at 3 million dollars. The Regional Office of Education serves as the administrative agent for this successful program, which employs one part-time employee. The cooperative is totally self-supporting from a minimal fee charged to member districts.

For more information contact Jessica Haywood, Coordinator, at (815) 434-0780.


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  La Salle County Government Day

For nearly 25 years the Regional Office of Education has partnered with the La Salle County Board and elected La Salle County officeholders to celebrate Student Government Day. The day provides students an opportunity to participate in local government. Each county board member is partnered with a student from one of eight county high schools during an actual board meeting. Additionally, each year a different county high school is chosen, on a rotating basis, as a spotlight school to shadow elected officials from La Salle County.

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Civics Handbook

Every two years, the Regional Office of Education prepares an update of the Civics Handbook for La Salle County Schools. The handbook contains information concerning national, state, county, and local governments. Handbooks are distributed to student representatives at the October County Student Government Day and to all 7th and 11th grade students in La Salle County.


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